Recycling Leak Tobacco

B&L leak tobacco WTUS utilization, recycling system: 

Tobacco cost constitutes the highest cost in the cigarette sector. Cigarette machines generate leak tobacco up to average 3% of the total tobacco utilization by structure.  We have advanced the utilizable tobacco quantity in the leak tobacco to the levels 2% with the tobacco recycling system developed by us, and feed back online to the cigarette machine. 


WTUS waste (Tobacco Utilization System)

It is a unit that separates short tobacco and dust being formed  during the manufacture in the cigarette production machines and feeds online back to the system (>0,315 mm and above). This system recycles by operating independently of the production machine and separating min 2% of the external utilization from central vacuum line. 


Advantages of the System 

  • The whole leak tobacco and dust that head for the central vacuum line (99,9%) are separated.
  • The tobacco is recycled between 1,5% and 4% depending upon the tobacco mixture and machine
  • It makes a positive impact to the parameters of cigarette quality. 
  • It is maintenance-free.
  • The periodical change for the spare parts is not required
  • It can be applied to all cigarette production machines.
  • It doesn’t generate any cessation, adjustment and interruption in the cigarette production machine. 
  • Setup is performed in a short time (3 days) together with startup and tests.